Hayflower’s U.S. Digital Ad Forecast: 2016-2021

I’m excited to publish Hayflower’s 5-year U.S. digital advertising forecast. The U.S. report accompanies Hayflower’s 5-year global digital advertising forecast published earlier this year. As a former Gartner analyst focused on interactive advertising technologies and a sell-side research analyst, forecasting digital ad spend was a favorite part of my job—and still is. I love analyzing data and hope these reports serve as a valuable reference for everyone reading them, particularly those readers that are part of the digital advertising market.

A few words regarding methodology and approach. The U.S. digital advertising forecast sizes the market based on estimates contained within publicly available market research provided by IDC, MAGNA and Zenith. In addition, the report includes forward estimates from consensus bureaus such as FactSet and financial analysts covering Alphabet, Amazon, Facebook, Snap and Twitter. Both Hayflower’s U.S. and global forecasts employ the same methodology. I believe this approach helps provide a balanced view from three different perspectives: market research firms such as IDC, internal ad agency resources such as IPG’s MAGNA, and financial research. Should readers want to reference data or information, the source box at the bottom of page three includes the exact language for attribution.

I’ve created these reports by way of demonstrating Hayflower’s capabilities. Understanding the market forces driving your business opportunity is critical both in terms of making strategic decisions and in communicating the value of your business to customers, employees, investors and partners. A leadership position cannot be built or communicated without context. Hayflower helps clients measure, understand and integrate data into their unique stories to build stronger narratives and build thought-leadership. Measuring the market opportunity is one of many data-driven capabilities that distinguishes Hayflower from a communications firm to a strategic business partner. The Hayflower name and logo is a symbol of our belief that data enlightens every business story.



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